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From blushing to stunning . . .

Award-Winning Onsite Bridal Artistry/Hair Styling/Makeup Coaching in Virginia/DC and North Carolina

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If someone were coming at our faces with a blush brush, we would want to ask a few questions first, too. We welcome them all because, honestly, you’ve most likely never had to hire a professional makeup artist – and that’s okay! Here are a few questions we get the most. Click on a question to reveal the answer.

  • I don’t wear much makeup. Am I going to look too “made up?”

    We know that most daily makeup routines don’t include an airbrush machine and false lashes. What we believe is that on your wedding day, you want to look the most beautiful you have ever looked in your entire life, right?

    We’re not in the business of making girls look like someone they aren’t. We’re in the business of enhancing your best self, using what we call “stealth makeup” – the kind that brings out all your best features and downplays the features you get squeamish about (We all have them. It’s a part of life).

  • I like how I do my makeup. Do I really need a pro?

    Yes, if not for any other reason than to be pampered for the day. You might be a little jittery the morning of your wedding and we both know a shaky hand and eyeliner are a horrible combination. One little mistake could send any of us over the edge on a typical Tuesday, so in our opinion, there’s no reason for the added pressure of applying your own makeup on your wedding day.

    Most daily makeup needs to hang in there from about 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. And that’s without smiling constantly, smooching your man, hugging his neck (and all the other guests that are going to want to get their mitts on you) and making sure that after all that, the makeup is going to survive for photos. I’m guessing you dropped a pretty penny on your photographer, so you want to make sure you’re happy with your photos when you get them back. Professional makeup is made for the long haul and most importantly, it will look natural both in person and on camera.

  • What’s so great about airbrush?

    Oh airbrush, how we sing your praises! We’ve all seen those fantastic t-shirts from the carnivals, right? The artist sprays on a mist of color to add as much or little color in a very controlled manner. The same idea goes for the application of airbrush foundation, producing a lightweight and breathable finish. Its almost much easier to even out your complexion without feeling heavy in those areas that need a little more coverage.

    Professional cameras also “read” airbrush foundation much better, as the foundation goes on in a pixelated manner, much like the pixels that make up a digital photo.

  • Can’t I just do hair and makeup at one of those big salons?

    Sure! But here are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, bridal salons – no matter how early you book your appointment – are notorious for running behind. That alone stresses me out and I’m not even the one getting married. Most makeup artists at the salons are hairdressers that can also apply makeup, which means they may not be the most seasoned makeup artist. They could go weeks or months without applying makeup on a client and the makeup lines they carry in-house are usually for day-to-day wear and not made to be camera ready.

    The biggest downside to having your makeup done in a salon is you most likely won’t be able to hang out with your bridal party, as you’ll be at the makeup station in a separate part of the salon as your girls.

  • Do I get false lashes?

    You sure do! Who doesn’t love lashes?! We use lashes that are individually applied clusters instead of the strips. The individual lashes look much more natural, feel virtually weightless and in close-up photos, you look like you have killer lashes! Plus, you don’t have worry about the edges starting to lift up since we apply the clusters at the base of your individual lashes.

  • What about touchups?

    Once you’ve jumped down from the chair, your makeup is pretty indestructible (unless Aunt Margie gets a hold of you with those Revlon Red lips), but we suggest you carry some blotting papers or a powder compact and your lip color. These are both items we can discuss during our trial run and you can purchase beforehand (I use my own line of lip color, so that’s an easy one to grab at the trial).

    Or, if you want to make sure you’re prepared for anything, we have a package that offers our services throughout the day. Some of our past clients have opted for a more reserved look for the ceremony during the day and then opt to go a little more dramatic for the reception at night.

  • What can I expect at my preview?

    Your trial is laid back and casual. We get to play a bit and test some color palettes, talk about the looks you love and find what look makes you feel the best. Just bring a photo of your dress, a photo of how you plan to wear your hair, a few looks you love and the colors of your wedding. This will give me the perfect picture of your wedding day and together we’ll create a look that fits your style.

  • What if I have (or someone in my party has) sensitive skin?

    The products we use are hypoallergenic and we’ll have the chance to try them out at your trial. If it’s one of your members of the bridal party or one of the mothers, bring her along to your trial and we can work together to see what will work best. If coming with you isn’t an option, we’d love to have a chat with her about what products she found to be irritants so we can customize her makeup application.

  • Are there any additional travel fees?

    Your bridal package gives you 50 miles in travel free. If your wedding takes place outside of that zone, there is a small per mile fee that we will added to your final invoice.

  • What do you need to set up at our location?

    We need you and your beautifully naked face! That’s about it. We bring a tall chair, the largest suitcase on earth packed with makeup, fresh breath as we do tend to get close, and a calm demeanor. If we can set up in natural light, that would be fantastic, but we can bring some additional lighting if needed.

  • What’s in your makeup kit?

    Disclaimer: Kits may vary amongst artists, but each BRIDEface Richmond artist travels with the best products currently available. Some examples are Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, NARS, Temptu, Urban Decay, Benefit, Smashbox, Chanel and Cover FX . We are kind of makeup junkies. Some would call it hoarding, but whatever! We are constantly trying new products to make sure we’re armed and ready for every face that sits in the chair.

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